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FORM ID ECI-EPIC-002 Election Commission of India Application for issue of Duplicate Elector s Photo Identity Card EPIC State/Ut S-25 AC NO. Name District Campaign ID WB -2000-01 Elector s Particulars To be filled by Elector A B To Sir/ Madam I request that a Duplicate Electoral Photo Identity Card be issued to me as my original card is lost/ destroyed /mutilated* My name is included in the electoral roll for the above constituency. Particulars in support of my claim for issue of duplicate...
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From everyone who are watching this video today I will tell you the procedure to apply for a duplicate photo ID card online for your kind information there is no such procedure to get the duplicate voter ID card directly through net while you can get the form to which is the application form for duplicate photo ID card online and you have to visit your Election Commission of this in your locality to submit the application form for the same you have to put the link here in your web browser to access the online poulter like you have to enter www dot C equal tally dot Nik dot in FY I this link is applicable for all over India and you will get the form in universal language as well as your original equation once you will click on this link you will get n web page open in front of you where you will get certain menus as you are looking for the form you have to go and form and you will get two options for elected and for candidate so this is the guide for electives so I will click on electors and I will see the list of some phones for different purposes well as I am looking to duplicate voter ID I'll click on the PDF copy of form 2 and I will get the form in front of my screen you can get a printout of this form and have to fill before visiting the Electro's office the purpose of downloading the application form online is it will give you the NF time to fill the form correctly and it avoids any error or sometimes it happens that there comes the shortage of this form at the office so you can get it done here now you have to fill fill the basic meant to be filled by elector like you have to give your name here your voter ID card number which is also known as epic number so don't get confused your father mother's or husband name your sex should be male in my case H in ears you have to enter here the current here your address house number Street area town felicitations pin code district and reason for applying for duplicate card like it could be you have lost your card somewhere now you have to select the appropriate option yo date you current date when you are applying when you are filling the form and the place your thumb impression or signature now these are some segments CDE CD which will be filled by the election is stuff and you have to acknowledge give your acknowledgment in e your signature your date the date of filling the form and once you you have to fill this assignment once you receive your EPPICard so this will be the confirmation that you got your card from the Election Commission thank you for watching the video bye